Use the lock-down to give your skin a break from make-up

Use the lock-down to give your skin a break from make-up

The national lock-down certainly comes with many challenges, whether it’s finding ways to keep the kids busy, having to re-budget for the next few months, or finding ways to stay connected with your loved ones. The upside of this compulsory down-time is it gives us all a chance to re-centre our thoughts, catch-up on those outstanding to-do-lists and prioritise what is important. But this is also the perfect time to give your skin the break it needs to heal and rejuvenate.

Did you know: studies show that women put on average 515 synthetic chemicals on their body every day, often without knowing it?

Just going a few days without make-up will allow your skin to breathe, re-balance and decongest from all the build-up caused by foundation and other cosmetics. There’s even an international #nomakeup movement, passionately supported by celebrities like Alicia Keys and Gwyneth Paltrow. Foundation is one of the biggest causes of clogged pores, especially foundations with SPF – so your pores will thank you.

Make-up can also be one of the more expensive monthly expenses, so taking a break means your budget will thank you.

We recommend cleansing your face with our Balancing Cleanser/Hydra Cleanser and then using a toner – our popular Revitalising Mist– to balance the pH of your skin. Next, hydrate your skin – using our Balancing Day Créme for normal to combination skin/the Hydra Day Créme for dry to dehydrated skin – and give your skin the extra nutrition it needs by alternating between our Gel Treatment Mask, Energising Booster Oil and Sheer Reviving Oil. You can even use combination of these at least twice a week for an extra skin boost.

The 100% essential oils in all Mélan Skincare products are particularly effective in penetrating to the deeper layers of the skin, helping you to cleanse your pores and heal your skin from deep inside. Mélan Skincare is also 100% vegan. Choosing a vegan skincare brand like Mélan Skincare drastically reduces your exposure to harsh artificial ingredients and feeds your skin with healthy, healing nutrients.

Lastly, there is also a major upside to stick to the habit of not touching your face: it’s great for your skin. Since our hands touch so many surfaces, they are a magnet for dirt and pollutants. Rubbing our eyes, stroking your chin or cupping your cheek transfers dirt and germs from your hands to your face. So be sure to wash your hands regularly with an antibacterial hand wash like our zesty Hand & Body Wash.

So give your skin the break it deserves this month, drink lots of water, eat healthy and get enough rest – and you’ll be amazed with the results. For any questions or tips, we would love to hear them. Simply send us a WhatsApp on +27 71 340 4460 or pop us an email to info@melanskincare.com

Stay healthy and remain thankful

The Mélan Skincare Team