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The Story

About Us

About Mélan Skincare

Mélan Skincare was established in 2010 by Hermalene Louw and her two sons, Ludolf and Francois, who help run the family business. Hermalene has been in the beauty industry for close to 40 years and is passionate about natural, ethical skincare.

Mélan Skincare is a natural skincare range made from plant-based materials, natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils. We believe that nature embodies harmony and balance – and so should your skincare.

Mélan Skincare is free from harmful chemicals like gluten, aluminium, parabens, perfumes, alcohol, mineral oils and petrolatum. All our products are meticulously formulated by hand using naturally derived carrier creams, plant-based materials and 100% pure essential oils of the highest quality.
Our commitment to you is to give you the best and most natural skincare product to care for your skin, no matter what your skincare needs are.

100% Pure Essential Oils

Gluten and Aluminium Free

No Perfumes

Plant-based materials

No Parabens

No Alcohol

Vegan-Friendly Skincare

No Mineral Oils or Petrolatum

No Animal Testing

Melan Skincare staff Hermalene Ludolf Francois Louw

Meet the team

Hermalene Louw, together with her two sons, Francois and Ludolf, founded Mélan Skincare in 2010. During her career, she has been a leading skincare consultant in the Western Cape for two of the biggest skincare companies in South Africa. Under both companies, she has gone to become an area manager, trained countless consultants & beauty therapists, and received numerous prized awards and accolades for her unmatched commitment to her clients.
But she always yearned to establish her own skincare range that aligned to her own ethos of living as natural as possible and free from harmful toxins and chemicals. As such, Mélan Skincare was born – a culmination of Hermalene’s passion for the industry, beauty and caring for one’s skin in the most natural way possible. Naturally, the inclusion of 100% natural essential oils and harnessing its remarkable healing and treatment abilities was an obvious necessity.
In the past 20 years, she has qualified as a micro-current therapist and manages the Melan’s Skincare & Beauty Studio in Durbanville, Cape Town.

What is in the Mélan name?

When Hermalene decided to take the leap and start her own natural skincare range, finding the right name for the brand was at the top of her list. Her two sons (and business partners) suggested simply using her name, but she thought it was just a bit too long for a skincare brand. So one night she woke up in the middle of the night and wrote her name down on a piece of paper, spacing out the letters and re-arranging them into new phrases/groupings. That’s when the name Mélan popped out (by swopping out the a and e in the middle of her name).

She knew it was the perfect fit as the word melan, as a prefix, is often found in skin-related terms like melanin (meaning the natural pigmentation of the skin) and melanocytes (special skin cells that make melanin). In that way, Hermalene’s name is synonymous with the Mélan Skincare brand and embodies the ethos, quality and integrity contained in each Mélan product a client applies to their skin.


Of all the plants on the Earth...

Only about 1% contain essential oils. Plants provide essential oils through their roots, wood, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds – to protect, heal and regenerate. Mélan Skincare harnesses these highly beneficial attributes of essential oils to care for your skin in the most natural and effective way possible.

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