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At Mélan we believe it is important to remember that your skin is the largest organ in the body and just like our emotions change our skin’s needs also change on a daily basis. One should always pay very close attention to what your skin requires. It is for this reason that the Mélan skin care range provides a full supplement of products to address your skin’s every need.  The full Mélan range can be used in a combination of ways through the layering of one product on another.


Combine the Energising Booster Oil with the Balancing Treatment Gel before going to bed.  Continue this routine three times in one week and you will experience a much softer and energised skin.

For tired, mature and sagging skin use the Balancing Treatment Gel and Collagen Booster Créme on the face, neck and décolleté at night for a firmer younger looking skin. One could also combine the Balancing Oil (always apply the oil first) with the Collagen Booster Créme before bed time to achieve a healthy glowing skin.

For day time, apply a few drops of Balancing Oil combined with the day crème or with the Intensive Treatment Créme or combine the Collagen Créme with the day or Intensive Treatment Créme for a firming and plumping effect. The active ingredients in the Collagen Créme keep the moisture in the skin.


Use the Balancing Treatment Gel and combine a few drops of Balancing Oil before bed time.  Also combining the Balancing Oil with the night crème will also ensure maximum regeneration during the night, leaving your skin fresh and energised in the morning.

For day time, combine the Balancing Treatment Gel or Balancing Oil with the day crème or Collagen Créme. Combining the Balancing Treatment Gel and Collagen Booster Créme is also a magic combination for a healthy looking skin.

Experiment with your own combinations and your skin will tell you the difference. Just keep in mind that one should not over indulge in oil (never underestimate the active ingredients in essential oils). If you suddenly do get a pimple or two you will know to lessen the dosage of oil.  Reduce the application of the oil and continue with your normal skin routine.  Your skin will balance and heal again in a very short time.