Thank you to everyone for joining us at the CY Market this past week! Set against the serene backdrop of Canto Wines in the Durbanville hills, the market took place from 21-25 September with more than 170 local decor and fashion displays. The Mélan team had a wonderful time meeting so many new faces and chatting about all things natural skincare. We also launched our brand new Travel Kits: our Balancing Travel Kit and Hydra Travel Kit. Each kit is the perfect travel trio to ensure you have your Mélan essentials on hand whenever you’re on the go. It also

The skin is the body's biggest organ. Staying properly hydrated is not only important for your digestion and circulation - it’s also vital to your skin’s health and beauty. Here are some of the many ways drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day will drastically improve your skin: It reduces wrinkles by improving elasticityIt improves your skin's complexion and accelerates healing by flushing out toxinsIt reduces puffiness by ensuring you're hydratedIt slows aging by keeping your skin plumpIt reduces enlarged pores by balancing the water and oil ratio on your skinIt maintains your skin's pH balance to keep it

It's no secret that regular exercise holds countless benefits for both physical and mental health. Not only do you rid your body of toxins and boost your energy levels, you also improve blood circulation, great for reducing stress and inflammation. During mild to vigorous exercise your body perspires to help regulate your body’s temperature. During perspiration your pores open and your body loses moisture. This flushes away dirt and debris trapped in your pores. In this sense, exercise is great for healthier skin. But what about skin care? 1. Cleanse Debris left on your skin's surface after exercise leads to body

We are proud to introduce you to Mélan Skincare's brand new range. Now with even more natural, vegan-friendly ingredients that’s good for your skin – and our planet. Since the world was disrupted a year ago, we took the time to kickstart the journey of reformulating our products and to bring it closer to our ethos of 'nature-first'. December 2020 also marked 10 years since we established Mélan Skincare, and wanted to celebrate the occasion with a rebranded and enhanced product range. So what’s new about the range you ask? ·       Each product has a new and enhanced formulation while still

We are proud to introduce you to Mélan Skincare's 3 new facial & body bars, made with natural ingredients and pure essential oils. Boost your daily skincare routine with any of our bespoke skincare bars to heal and nourish your skin. Charcoal Detox: An invigorating clearing bar with activated charcoal & bentonite to cleanse the skin, unclog pores & remove impurities. Patchouli, lavender & geranium essential oils enriches and hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling soft & even toned. Cherry Clay: A deeply soothing facial bar with cherry clay and rose petals to nourish and heal dry, dehydrated skin. Beautifully infused with sandalwood, orange and geranium pure essential