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Essential oils guide

Aloe-FeroxAloe Ferox

Origin: A tall, single-stemmed aloe, indigenous only to southern Africa.

Fragrance: A light, non-bitter verdant gel fragrance.

Use: Healing and cleansing qualities; detoxifying; stimulates cell renewal.

Products: Balancing Night Crème, Hydra Day Créme



Origin: An essential oil extracted from the golden-orange Calendula flower heads

Fragrance: Green, distinctive garden-type aroma and fresh floral fragrances.

Use: Gentle, cooling, soothing and anti-inflammatory; rejuvenates dry and damaged skin.

Products: Balancing Treatment GelIntensive Treatment Créme


Cape-ChamomileCape Chamomile (Eriocephalus punctulatus)

Origin: A fragrant, aromatic shrub endemic to the remote mountain areas in South Africa. The oil is steam distilled from the flowers and has a striking deep blue colour.

Fragrance: A fine fruity fragrance, with roman chamomile-like notes. Aromatically it is sweet, light and fruity.

Use: Anti-inflammatory, calming and deeply healing to the skin

Products: Balancing Treatment Gel, Collagen Booster Créme


Frankincense (Boswelia carterii)Frankincense

Origin: Extracted from the resin of a robust, desert shrub.

Fragrance: Fresh and sharp initially, deepening to woody, resiny with sweet notes.

Use: Disinfects and heals cuts, wounds, eczema and damaged skin, tones and rejuvenates all skin types, comforts anxiety and emotional stress.

Products: Balancing TonerHydra Day Créme, Hydra Toner, Hydra Cleanser


Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)Geranium

Origin: A perennial shrub with velvety, frilly leaves. Rubbing the surface hairs releases a strong, rosy aroma.

Fragrance:  Rosy, sweet and strong with a hint of lemon and fresh green tones.

Use: Soothes cracked and inflamed skin, eczema, acne and oily skin; calming and soothing effect.

Products: Balancing TonerHydra Day CrémeHydra TonerHydra CleanserEnergising Booster Oil



Grapefruit (Citrus x paradise)Grapefruit

Origin: An essential oil expressed from the peel of a grapefruit.

Fragrance: Green, bittersweet, zesty and fresh, with a soft, powdery after note.

Use: Helps clear toxins, improve areas of cellulite; eases anxiety, depression and stress.

Products: Essential Hand CareBody Sense



Origin: An evergreen shrub that produces masses of beautifully scented purple flowers above green or silvery-grey foliage.

Fragrance: Soft, sweet and floral tones.

Use: Soothes cuts, burns, wounds, sore skin, eases headaches, muscular aches and tension; helps insomnia, nervous tension and anxiety.

Products: Balancing TonerBalancing Day CrémeBalancing Night CrémeBalancing CleanserEnergising Booster Oil


Lemon-VerbenaLemon Verbena

Origin: A long, green, perennial shrub originating from South America. Lemon verbena oil is extracted from the freshly harvested leaves through steam distillation.

Fragrance: Clean, sharp lemony scent.

Use: Reduces inflammation; has a calming effect on the skin; good antiseptic and bactericide.

Products: Essential Hand Care


Neroli (Orange blossom)Neroli

Origin: A plant oil extracted from the blossom of the bitter orange tree.

Fragrance: Creamy, sweet, citrusy, rich and soft with green undertones.

Use: Tones and rejuvenates the complexion, especially dry, mature or undernourished skin; helps scar tissue, wounds and cuts; has calming and soothing effect.

Products: Intensive Treatment CrémeRevitalising Eye Serum


Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martini)Palmarosa

Origin: Aromatic grass from India with a sweet smell and a mild effect when used.

Fragrance: A long-lasting, sweet and rose-like aroma, soft and gentle with slightly lemony tones.

Use: Soothes and calms irritated skin, acne, eczema, dermatitis; improves the facial complexion in all skin types, calms and de-stresses the nerves.

Products: Revitalising Eye Serum


Patchouli (Pogostemon patchouli)Patchouli

Origin: A thick, golden-brown essential oil with a very pronounced aroma. The leaves of the patchouli plant contain microscopic sacs of essential oil, when rubbed it leaves a very strong aroma.

Fragrance: Rich, velvety, musky aroma that develops spicy, earthy and sweet tones with time.

Use: Soothes cracked, chapped and dry skin and eczema, improves the complexion of mature and dry skin.

Products: Essential Hand CareBody Sense


Rose-petalsRose oil

Origin: extracted from rose petals through steam distillation.

Fragrance: Strong floral and sweet tones

Use: Anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, increase the skin’s permeability

Products: Hydra Toner


Sandalwood (Santalum album)Sandalwood

Origin: An essential oil extracted from a small tropical tree that takes approximately 30 years for the wood to mature to its full aromatic potential.

Fragrance: Rich, woody, spicy and sweet.

Use: Soothes dry, chapped skin and improves the texture of all skin types; eases depression and anxiety.

Products: Balancing Toner, Balancing Day Créme, Balancing Night CrémeBalancing Cleanser


Sweet-AlmondSweet Almond Oil

Origin: Produced by pressing the kernels of the sweet almond tree, a deciduous tree indigenous to the Middle East and South Asia.

Fragrance: Mild, pleasant, nutty smell.

Use: Softening, calming and anti-inflammatory properties; removes impurities and dead skin cells; suitable for sensitive skin.

Products: Balancing Night Crème, Intensive Treatment Créme, Energising Booster Oil


Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis)Sweet-Orange

Origin: A fruit oil expressed or crushed out of the rind of the fruit of the sweet orange tree.

Fragrance: Sweet, warm, fresh and citrusy.

Use: Soothes and rejuvenates congested and slack skin; uplifts depression, anxiety and stress.

Products: Collagen Booster CrémeEssential Hand CareBody Sense