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Why Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are extracted from various plants. Their purpose is to heal and protect the plant when exposed to harmful environmental elements. Shrubs like frankincense produce a resin, rich in essential oils, which accelerates healing of the plant’s bark when cracked or damaged. Essential oils have been proven to have similar effects on the human skin:

Essential oils:

  • Stimulate new cell growth, thus reversing the ageing process
  • Soothe sensitive, delicate and inflamed skin
  • Increase the rate at which nutrients and oxygen are fed to the skin
  • Energize the skin, improving circulation
  • Relieve stress by soothing peripheral nerve endings
  • Prevent congestion caused by toxins by improving the lymphatic flow of the skin
  • Stabilize the condition of the skin by balancing sebum production
  • Maintain collagen and elastin in the skin
  • Neutralize unwanted bacteria and prevents skin blemishes
  • Provide nutrients and proteins which restore important tissue fibers

Mélan Skincare Uniqueness Mélan Skincare harnesses all these highly beneficial attributes of essential oils. Our carrier creams are highly absorbent to ensure a non-greasy formula which will penetrate to the deepest tissue layers of the skin.